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The Importance of Emojis in Digital Communication

Publish Date: 7/17/2019

As a technology-centric society where a majority of conversations are happening via text, social media, email, and other forms of digital communication, it’s easier than ever for messages to be misconstrued. Whereas face-to-face conversations give people the chance to read one another’s body language and facial expressions, written words can be taken completely out of context if not properly constructed. For both social situations and brand communications, emojis have become an essential device that allow us to convey a sense of emotion behind the messages we’re putting out into the world. Without the use of these universally-known symbols, it can oftentimes be difficult to tell whether or not someone is excited, annoyed, upset, trying to express sarcasm, or is truly being genuine. Take the following sentence for example:

“Wow this week is off to a great start.”

Without any emojis in use, the reader may not fully know how to process this statement. However, inserting one small symbol can completely change the way these same words are interpreted.

“Wow this week is off to a great start. ??” = It’s Monday at 10 am and I already spilled coffee all over shirt

“Wow this week is off to a great start. ??” = It’s Monday and I’ve already hit my sales goals for the week.

Emojis have the power to fill in the gaps that exist within the world of digital communication by articulating a message’s tone, giving the reader more insight on how they should react to given information. From a business perspective, proper emoji use can play a huge role in the construction of your company’s brand voice. Whether you’re incorporating them into your social media posts and replies, or adding a few to your email subject lines, emojis have truly become a vital part of the digital language and should be used as strategically as punctuation when creating content in order to properly convey your message.

Despite their fun nature and ability to lighten any texting conversation, these small symbols have had a huge global impact and will continue to influence the way we communicate with one another for years to come. ????????


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